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I have over 20 years of corporate IT experience. My hobbies and passion include cooking and spending time in my community at community events. Show more
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YouTuber/Content Creator of: KETO In The Kitchen With Jasmine


• Operating Systems -


Windows 10, 7 (Both Pro and Home Edition but Pro allows networking and remote where Home Edition is extremely limited); XP; Windows Millennium (ME); MS-DOS (DOS); 3.0 - 98 SE.


Mac 10 OS (Light and basic commands)

• Hardware Breaks/Fixes and Installs:

(Though I prefer not to do the hardware aspect anymore. I want to work remote from home. I am happy to remote into systems, troubleshoot, test, and reconfigure if need be).

1. POS & Computer (Client/Server/ISPs) Setups and Configurations

2. Site installs (Road Warrior for FTD Corp; HP; IBM; NCR Corp; FLT (First Level Technology- NCR's company).

• Networks:

• TCP/IP Protocols and Configuration:

1. Ethernet and Wireless Networks (Client/Server)

• Communications:

1. Radio Show Host and Co-Host

2. Advertising, Marketing, and PR (Public Relations).

3. Utilizing my talents on Social Media Platforms

4. Technical Writing (Robert Bosch Corporation short-term contract in Michigan documenting an ATE LAN Tester); and JP Morgan Chase (Assisting Management in Establishing a Training Manual based on my Training/Customer Service Style).


1. I can train and have, employees through OJT'ing (I prefer to do training one-on-one remotely through Zoom or another application and/or QuickAssist and working on the phone to try to troubleshoot and fix a system.


HTML coding (Very basic knowledge)

Website Design:

1. Wix.com

2. GoDaddy.com

Graphic Design:

1. (I designed a One Print for a Hollywood Actor out of California for a pilot for his talk show that we were expecting to air. I have a copy of this).

2. Utilizing Paint and Photo Applications


1. Video Recording, Editing, Creating, Uploading to YouTube

2. How-To Videos Instructional Videos

3. Utilizing Paint, Photo Editor, and Video Editor Applications along with YouTube

4. YouTube Content Creator of, "KETO In The Kitchen With Jasmine"

Help Desk Administration (Years of Experience):

1. Utilizing in-house business applications for NCR Corp (remote); EDS (Electronic Data Systems) Corp (onsite); HP Corp (onsite); and GM Corp (onsite); GMAC Corp (onsite); JP Morgan Chase (Onsite).

Corporate Software Trainer:

1. NCR Corp (3 years training on Self-Checkout/Stand-alone systems 3 days a week, every week, at various locations around the country.)

2. JP Morgan Chase at their Data Center in Ohio (Off of Polaris Hwy)

Basic Skills:

1. Typing 75 wpm

2. Customer Service - Well over 25 years (Answering Calls, Returning Calls)

3. Office Management (Can start-up, run, and manage a small business)

4. AP/AR (I can do accounts payable and receivable but it is not my preference)


1. Advocate for Special Causes (i.e. helping those who have brain injuries and/or are handicapped obtain special-needs equipment that Medicaid might only cover every year or every 5 years).

2. Champion for the Underdog

3. Volunteer in local community

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