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About me
Between you and me, there isn't anything in my CV that would impress you.
Yup, I've spent 2 years working in the aviation industry as an aircraft mechanic/cleaner, and none of them are relevant to what I can do for your business.
Does it grab your attention? Nice!
Let me introduce myself and what I do. My name is Emmanuel Granzo A.K.A, Manny and I guess you know that Filipino legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao.
I'm a Freelancer who can be your Virtual assistant, Customer service associate, or any other VA's that can do to you for your business. the companies that I've been working are 0, and some multiple clients under project based.
I may not be the best Virtual Assistant on the planet but I'm the best at what I do as a Va and I can give you the best results and that's what you need.
I'd love to be talking about my successes, but all of these won't make any sense if I don't know how my skills will help you get above-average results.

What do you say we jump on a call and see if we're a good fit?

Here's my Skype ID: live:.cid.3dd6030b4d5f8ca0
Looking forward to be part of your wonderful business!

Talk soon,
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     Dear Future Clients,
          My name is Emmanuel Granzo 23 years of age and I'm sharing with you my work experiences.
     All my experiences are related to handling phone calls. My first job is being a customer service representative at a BPO company and the name of the company is STARTEK.
I handle retail which is Amazon and my CSR role is answering general inquiries, checking tracking delivery, unknown charges/subscriptions, and any other questions related to Amazon I stayed in the company for a year and two months.
     I moved to another BPO company HINDUJA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS. The account is healthcare insurance WHich is HUMANA and my responsibilities are answering calls from healthcare providers asking for benefits, authorizations status claims denial and credentialing or demographic status. I stayed there for almost a year.
     Recently, I decided my self be a freelancer, which started in January this year. I got hired by different clients and my roles are telemarketer, real estate cold caller, marketing specialist, and appointment setter. I can provide more details about this job if I will be the lucky person to be called for an interview.
    So that's all my working experiences and I'm hoping to be a part of your team. Thank you!
Best Regards,

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